– born in Bremen 1968
– classical guitar training since 1978
– 1989 studying art, music & educational-science at university Bremen
– 1996 final exam in „fluxus and interdisciplinary art-movements“
– living in Berlin since 1997 and working as :

musician / composer / author / producer

– numerous releases on several labels
(morr music, sonic pieces, staubgold, pingipung, leiter, karaoke kalk a.o.)
– musical collaborations with Harald „Sack“ Ziegler, Nils Frahm, Ellinor Blixt, Andi Otto, David Grubbs, Lee „Scratch“ Perry,  Lady Ann a.o.
– live performances in Canada, USA, Mexiko, Japan, India, Bangladesh and within Europe
– several radio play productions and live radio play performances with Stefan Kaminski, Britta Steffenhagen, Christian Berner a.o

press flash:________
„..the man makes some damn charming music.“ 
„..also to be applauded is the sophistication of Blumm’s arrangements… Blumm’s skilful layering and placement of instruments in the soundfield is extremely impressive.“
“I never heard anything like it before. (..) I always want to know what‘s gonna happen next.
It forces me to pay attention because it breaks all of the conventions that I‘ve grown to understand to be the way it always works. It’s thrilling to me.“
(Rick Rubin about ‘Music For Wobbling Music Versus Gravity‘)
„..his song miniatures have something soothing and shine in their simplicity and breathtaking clarity.“
„..if you need to talk about this music, then you should do it whispering, telling each other how beautiful it really is.
„..those who work reduced can not afford trivialities…“
Frank Schültge Blumm must be a happy man..“
„..the reason why it is so difficult to file FS Blumm, also lies in the fact that his music hardly recalls anything comparable.“
(Die Zeit)
„..why is Frank Schültge not a superstar yet? While in virtually every review of his numerous solo works appears one of the greatest compliments to music: the link with the utopia of a nicer or better world.“
„..people with ideas have no crises.“
(Der Spiegel)
„.. always arranged with plenty of space each of the pieces is a small gold-piece of optimism. Music that seems to talk with their instruments, so they can get out of themselves.“
„.. so refreshingly different and heartbreaking that one would like to to spend days, turning around every single note and gaze at it in admiration like glittering glass marbles.“
there’s really no dip in quality among the ten tracks here, and each sounds so nice it’s hard to imagine anyone not liking them, whatever their musical background. “
(pitchfork on „ankern“)
So here I go, ready to launch into my anti-Blumm harangue and release 12-plus years of embitterment when…aw shucks, Blumm done tugged on my heartstrings, again. “
(pitchfork on „zweite meer“)
Blumm hopefully will never stop making music.

press flash on collaborations:________
..simply intoxicating. Please more like this.
(de:bug on „f.s.blumm & nils frahm“)
Blumm is instantly recognizable (..) His knack for rococo, effortless-feeling melodies is in his playful guitar work, which dominates the album. His flickering arpeggios suit Blixt’s airy voice perfectly. (..) It feels like stumbling into the middle of a private embrace.
(pitchfork on „bobby and blumm – a little big“)
..a relaxed, truly great, the whole world breathing, harmonic album. Really a good record! Joy!
(spex on „f.s.blumm meets luca fadda“)
..clever without being showy, and comfortable without being bland, Sack & Blumm make warm and welcoming music.
(wire on „sack & blumm – returns“)
a quiet masterpiece
notes-mag/pony-mag on „bobby and blumm – everybody loves“)
Blumm has chord progressions in his luggage that you can only tremble with the ears …. the most beautiful album that has ever been released on Morr Music.
(musik express on „bobby and blumm – everybody loves“)
F.S. Blumm, Luca Fadda and Alessandro Coronas obviously have fun with their
..but especially great – above all – is the tremendously relaxed attitude of the short and very catchy melodies on trumpet and melodica varying over time in all tracks without losing the tension. ..One notices: real skilled dubbers with plenty of dedication at work – true artists that always remained fans.
(intro on QDD)

discography :
esst obst“ – EP on stetzer (Frankfurt 1998)
6 mbiras“ – Split 7inch with Miniklon on emphase (Berlin 2000)
bettvanille weiter“ 10inch on tomlab (Köln 2000)
mondkuchen“ – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2001)
ankern“ – CD/LP on staubgold (Koeln ´02) and Tokuma (Tokyo 2002)
lichten“ – CD/LP on audio dregs (Portland /Or USA 2003)
italian short story“ – CDR on autumn records (Chicago/USA 2004)
zweite meer” – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2005)
summer kling” – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2006)
drawings” – 7inch plus 36-pages booklet with drawings on Ahornfelder (Leipzig 2006)
up up treasures“ – Split-Tape with Bradien on Poprebop (Barcelona 2010)
food” – digital album on bandcamp (Berlin 2013)
up up and astray“ – CD on pingipung (Hamburg 2013)
welcome“ CD/LP on karaoke kalk (Berlin 2018)
nice to have you“ – digital album on bandcamp (Berlin 2019)
in sight“ CD/LP on sonicpieces (Berlin 2020)
kiss dance kiss“ LP on blummrec (Berlin 2022)
„torre“ LP on Leiter (Berlin 2024)

sack & blumm:________
die fuenfte dengelophonie“ – 7inch on Dhyana (Augsburg 1998)
sylvester orchester 2000“ – 7inch on Staubgold (Köln 1999)
sack & blumm“ – CD on Tomlab (Köln 1999)
shy noon“ – CD on Gefriem (Köln 2000)
2×5“ – 10“ on Staubgold (Köln 2000)
zack bumm“ – CD on Tokuma / Sonig Japan (Tokyo 2001)
kind kind“ – CD/LP on Staubgold (Köln 2003)
returns“ – CD on Staubgold (Berlin 2009)

f.s.blumm & nils frahm:________
music for lovers, music versus time“ CD on sonicpieces (Berlin 2010)
music for wobbling, music versus gravity“ CD on sonicpieces (Berlin 2013)
music for lovers, music versus time/music for wobbling, music versus gravity“ 2xLP on sonicpieces (Berlin 2013)
tag eins tag zwei“ CD/LP on sonicpieces (Berlin 2016)
2×1=4“ CD/LP on Leiter (Berlin 2021)

other bands & projects:________
ström – “Honigtier / Fensterkreuz“ – 7inch on n.Ur-Kult/ Dhyana (Hannover/Augsburg 2000)
rebresch und blumm – „Hörcomics“ – CD on Plattenmeister (Jübeck 2000)
blumm & möbius – „20 Lock Grooves“ – 7inch on Happy Zloty Records (Bremen 2002)
kinn – „kinn“ CD on Tête-à-Tête (Berlin 2003)
f.s.blumm & friends – „sesamsamen“ – CD on plop / inpartmaint (Tokyo 2004)
kinn – „karlshorst“ – CD on audio dregs (Portland /USA 2006)
licensed by sinnbus (Berlin 2006)
david grubbs & f.s.blumm – “music for drawings” 7inch on ahornfelder (Leipzig 2006)
anne laplantine & f.s.blumm – „FA“ – 10inch on alien transistor (Munich 2007)
f.s.blumm meets luca fadda – s.t. – CD on ahornfelder (Leipzig 2007)
old splendifolia – „swaying boldly afar ..“ CD on plop (Tokyo 2008)
bobby and blumm – „everybody loves“ – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2008)
bobby and blumm  – „a little big“ – CD on a.n.o.s.t. / morr music (Berlin 2010)
quasi dub development – „limousine to the guillotine“ – LP on rump recordings (Copenhagen / Denmark 2011) licensed by lantern / nature bliss (Tokyo 2011)
old splendifolia – „utterly heartbreaking“ CD on LaBel (Milano 2013)
quasi dub development – „little twister vs stiff neck“ CD/LP on pingipung (Hamburg 2014)
springintgut & f.s.blumm – „the bird and white noise“ CD/LP on nightcruising and pingipung (Kyoto and Hamburg 2014)
jonsson gille & blumm (s.t.) – digital album on bandcamp (Berlin 2015)
f.s.blummbastic feat. hey – „riddims and biscuits“ – 7inch EP on pingipung (Hamburg 2016)
f.s.blumm & ansgar wilken – „live at zwitschermaschine“ 7inch EP on happy zloty, spam, canopy weekends (Berlin 2020)
andi otto & f.s.blumm – „entangleland“ LP on pingipung (Hamburg 2020)

music for film:________
‚New York is disappearing‘ by Heiko Kalmbach (11min. / USA 2000)
‚Aprés tout‘ by César Campoy (27 min. / France 2001)
‚Turtle Monkey‘ by Heiko Kalmbach (18min. / USA 2002)
‚Las tetas más bonitas del mundo‘ by Eneko Obieta (22 min. / Spain 2003)
‚If one thing matters …‘ a film about Wolfgang Tillmans by Heiko Kalmbach (70 min / Germany/USA 2008)
‚Die Ex Bin Ich‘ by Katrin Rothe (88min/Germany 2009)
‚Paradise Papers‘ ARD (Germany 2017)
‚Die Kinder der Utopie‘ by Hubertus Siegert (Germany 2018)

„Die Wirrnis Deines Daseins“ (Berner/Schültge) 53’10“ (ORB / 1997)
„Die schnupperbunte Rininat Rebresch und Perdie Blumm
Hörspielminiaturenradioschau“ (Berner/Schültge) 53’00“ (SWR / 1999)
„Formal Radio“ (Berner/Schültge) 16’00“ (SFB / 1999)
„Sandmanns Ohren“ (Berner/Schültge) 48’20“ (WDR / 2000)
„Die Rückkehr des Sohnes der schnupperbunten Rininat Rebresch und Perdie
Blumm Hörspielminiaturenradioschau schlägt zurück“ (Berner/Schültge) 28’30“ (SWR / 2000)
„Das musikalische Kaffeekränzchen mit Irmtraud Schnobbel“
(a fictious Music-Show) (Berner/Schültge) 54’19“ (BR / 2001)
„So sieht’s aus im Jahr der Maus“ (Berner/Schültge) 44’44“ (SWR / 2002)
„Im Bann des Psycho-Pudels“ (Berner/Schültge) 38’30“ (WDR / 2002)
„Die See sticht zurück – Das Cabaret Voltaire im Jahr 2002 “ (a feature)
(Schültge/Theiler) 50’00“ (SWR / 2003)
„Jenseits der Deadline“ (Berner/Schültge) 47’18’’ (DLR / 2004)
„Funnsbo sieht rot“ 8’13“ (Berner/Schültge) (SWR/2005)
„Die Abenteuer des edlen Don Alfonso“ (Berner/Schültge) 47’55’’ (SWR / 2009)
„Paul Browski und die Monotonie des Yeh Yeh Yeh“ (Berner/Schültge) 53’18’’ (SWR / 2014)
„Schalldämpfermelodie“ (Berner/Schültge) 64’00’’ (SWR / 2016)
„Im Dunstkreis der Zerstäuber“ (Schültge/Theiler) 33’42“ (SRF 2 Kultur / 2017)
„33rpm – Geschichten aus dem Plattenladen“ (Schültge) 21’13“ (SWR/2017)

short radioplay (series):________

„Bongo & Elke“ (Berner/Schültge) (SWR / 2000)
„Die Hörspielwerkstatt“ (Berner/Schültge) (SWR /2009)
„Stein auf Stein“ (Schültge/Theiler) (SWR 2010)

short radioplays for Deutschlandfunk-Kultur („Wurfsendung“):________
„Sprachfehler“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2004)
„Da war eben so ein Geräusch“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2004)
„Herr Behrlich“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2004)
„Träume“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2005)
„Im Wartesaal der Gerechtigkeit“ (Schültge/Theiler) (DLR / 2008)
„Aussenseiter“ (Schültge/Theiler) (DLR / 2009)
„Wie war der Name?“ (Schülte/Theiler) (DLR 2012)
„Schwarzes Brett“ (Schülte/Theiler) (DLR 2013)
„Stadien von morgen“ (Schültge/Theiler) (DLR / 2014)
„Abschiedsbriefe“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2014)
„Formal Radio Extra Cheese Minis“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2015)
„Logbücher des Alltags“ (Schültge/Theiler) (DLFKultur / 2016)
„Familie Mustermann auf Reisen“ (Berner/Schültge) DLFKultur / 2017)
„Auf die Nerven“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLFKultur / 2018)
„Gedichtentsorgung“ (Schültge/Theiler) (DLFKultur / 2019)
„Die Ohrwurmtherapie“ (Berner/Schültge) (DLFKultur / 2019)
„Traumberuf Gegenwart“ (Schültge/Theiler) (DLFKultur / 2021)

prices / awards:________
1998: six-month scholarship at ‘Literarisches Colloquium Berlin‘
2000: ‚Prix Europa‘ for „Formal Radio“
2001 and 2003: project- and scriptgrants from Filmstiftung-Nordrhein-Westfalen
2014: second prize at ‚Berliner Hörspielfestival‘ for „Der Hörspielmacher“
2015: first prize at ‚Jenaer Hörspielfestival‘ for „Der Goldene Zufall“
2016: first prize at ‚Berliner Hörspielfestival‘ for „Annette, Rolf und der Gesprächsbedarf“
2018: ‚Beste Sendung‘ (Deutscher Radiopreis) for ‚radioeins radio show‘ (including Schültge/Berner live radio play)